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with ultrafine machining technology reading 4th industrial revolution

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Chip Mounter

Machine automatically mounting chips on plastic circuit board(PCB)

Chip Mounter products

High-Speed Chip Mounter Image
High-Speed Chip Mounter Icon High-Speed Chip Mounter

High-Speed Chip Mounter

Product Name


Product Detail
  • - Capable to mount 60k~120k chips per hour
  • - Ultra slim design (1.25m)
  • - Used mainly in small-sized boards and mobile industries requring large number of components and mass production
Medium-Speed Chip Mounter Image
Medium-Speed Chip Mounter Icon Medium-Speed Chip Mounter

Medium-Speed Mounter

Product Name

Decan S2, L2, F2

Product Detail
  • - Product Detail
  • - Cheap maintenance cost and reasonable price of products
  • - A wide range of replacement of components
  • - Mainly used in LCD display, automobile, LED lighting…etc

Chip Mounter Promotion Video

Promotional Video

4 Gantry type high speed modular mounter - EXCEN PRO M

Detailed specification table of chip mounter
icon Explanation
Specification Icon Speed

120,000 CPH

Specification Icon Structure

4 Gantry x 2/8/16 Spindles/Head

Specification Icon Mounting Accuracy

±35μm Cpk≥1.0 (Chip)
±30μm Cpk≥1.0 (QFP)

Specification Icon PCB Size

(Min) L50xW50mm
(Max) L350xW310mm

Specification Icon Feature

Ultra-light high speed, high precision electric feede
and World's First Automatic Spacing and Loading

Collaborative Robot

Collaborative Robot Header

Collaborative Robot

Collaborative Robot with lightweight and durability through structural analysis with extraordinary skills of VOLK

Collaborative Robot Products

Automated assembly image
Automated assembly icon Automated Assembly

Automated Assembly

Explanation of Products
  • - The first collaborative robot in Korea
  • - Payload : 3 ~ 12kg(3kg, 5kg, 12kg)
  • - Axis data : 6 axes
  • - Reach : 600~1300mm
  • - Motion range : ±360°
Welding image
Welding icon Welding


Explanation of Products
  • - Working with laborer at the same place (safety)
  • - Minute ultrafine work
  • - Automatically stops when predict/detect external shock
  • - Direct teaching
Manufacturing image
Manufacturing icon Manufacturing


Explanation of Products
  • - Suitable for small quantity batch production
  • - Non-specialist maneuverable
  • - Easily and quickly applied to various processes with flexible work arrangement

Cooperative Robot Promotion Video

Promotional Video

Hanwha Collaborative Robotics (HCR-5)

Cooperative Robot Detailed Spec Table
icon Explanation
Specification Icon Degree of Freedom

6-axis joint

Specification Icon Work Weight

5 Kg

Specification Icon Work radius

915 mm

Specification Icon Joint Range


Specification Icon Weight

20 Kg

Specification Icon Speed

Angular axis: 180 ° / sec, Tool: 1m / sec