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Innovative company that transforms imagination into reality
by harmonizing newest technology with highly skilled manpower

Community Defense Business

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Company Overview

Company Overview Header

VOLK strives to impress customers with
continuous technological development and innovative management

VOLK is a leading company in the 4th industrial revolution based on its high precision processing technology and
research and development ability accumulated over 30 years.
We will be a company that can satisfy all our partners and members by creating value and achieving goals beyond imagination.

Corporate Key Value Keywords

Challenging to be the Best

Become the industrial leader with differentiated technology and constant R&D for continous innovation

Communication for customers

Build trust with customers through continous communication and deliver expectation more than imagination

Change in thinking to create value

Discovering the innovative business of the 4th industrial revolution and preoccupying the domestic and overseas markets


History Header


VOLK was founded in 1983 and has constaly evolved for the

Details of major histories


C.I Introduction

C.I Introduction Header

C.I Introduction

VOLK always strives its best to accomplish beyond expectation

C.I Symbol & Concept Description

Symbol & Concept

The symbolic mark of VOLK expresses technology, knowledge and the shape of a leaping frog.
The core value of VOLK, the endless innovation and the challenge spirit, is emphasized by expressing the shape of a leaping frog in to form of an open network.
Also the color red is used to express the buring desire of VOLK to contribute for the harmony of people and technology

Symbolism of the Solt Group

C.I Major Identity

Primary Identifier

Please be advised that VOLK prohibits the use of modified symbols and logos as it may distort the image of the company and exacerbate the communication effect.

Basic Type 1 VOLK logo basic type 1 (horizontal type)
Basic Type 2 VOLK logo basic type 1 (vertical type)

C.I Color System

Color System

Dedicated color is an important element in forming the identity of VOLK.
The expression of the exclusive color shall be in spot color printing and the color swatch or color number mentioned in this manual shall be the standard.


RGB / R250 G52 B61 CMRK / C0 M93 Y75 K0 COLOR / #EE3642


RGB / R250 G5122 B34 CMRK / C0 M65 Y95 K0 COLOR / #FF7A22


RGB / R0 G0 B0 CMRK / C75 M68 Y67 K90 COLOR / #404140

In order to form a consistent image of VOLK, the spot color printing of the color swatch is prioritized but depending of the situation, four primary process colors may be utilized.

Color Type 1 VOLK logo color type 1 (original)
Color Type 2 VOLK logo color type 2 (red)
Color Type 3 VOLK logo color type 3 (dark gray)
Color Type 4 VOLK logo color type 4 (light gray)

Subsidiary Company

Subsidiary Company Header

Introducing Subsidiaries

In line with the era of 4th Industrial Revolution, the Solt Group has become a competitive group in each field through convergence of IT-Media-Manufacturing business

SoltGroup affiliation relationship


Precision machining specialist - producing parts and components of product such as collaborative robot, cabinet, consoles and chip mounter

Learn MoreVOLK Shortcut

Information Technology specialist - developing realistic VR/AR/MR training simulation and smart learning system

Learn MoreSOLTWORKS Shortcut
KMT Soltworks Logo

Display System specialist - designing and developing simulator and display systems for VR simulations

Learn MoreKMT Shortcut

Major Customer

Major Customer Header

Major Customer

VOLK will always strive for customer's happiness and success

Major customer site information

Contact us

Contact us Header

Contact us

Location information of Soltworks

Business List

Changwon 1st Factory

Changwon 1st Factory Map

창원 1공장 정보

Changwon 1st Factory

Telephone 055-299-0536

FAX 055-299-0538

Address 85, Jukjeon-ro, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea. 51389



KTXChangwon Station → Bus 108 → Charyong 911 Center


Express BusMasan Southern Intercity Bus Terminal → Bus 707 → Charyong 911 Center

Changwon 2nd Factory

Changwon 2nd Factory Map

창원 2공장 정보

Changwon 2nd Factory

Telephone 055-299-0536

FAX 055-299-0538

Address 2 Gomjeol-gil 28beon-gil, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea. 51542



KTXChangwon Central Station → Bus 210 → Namyang-gaenari 3rd apartment → Bus 213 → Chunseon Industrial Complex


Express BusChangwon Bus Terminal → Bus 151 → Seongju-dong stop

Gwangmyeong R&D Center

Gwangmyeong R&D Center Map

광명 연구소 정보

Gwangmyeong R&D Center

Telephone 02-852-1007

FAX 02-852-0888

Address 14348 67 Saebitgongwon-ro (Xi-Tower A-25th Floor), Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea



1호선[Line 1] Gwangmyeong Station exit 5, 5minutes by walking


Express Bus5 minutes walking from Gwangmyeong Bus Terminal